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Basketball social house clinic denver co

basketball clinics

For youth and adults alike, develop your skill in Basketball with professional coaches. All skill levels. And have fun too.

The foundation clinic is to fine tune player skills heading into practice/games. Our objective is to create a training environment that will set basketball players up for success. 

The shooting clinic will help players of all ages fine tune their shot. Advanced players will be using our Dr. Dish shooting machines and for younger players we are able to lower the basket to make sure they are building a proper foundation for success in the future.

The ball handling and finishing clinic will focus on game type skills and situations. All players will come away with a better understand of how to dribble under pressure, dribble with speed and control and how to finish at the basket with basic and advanced moves.

Upcoming Clinics @

Thanksgiving Eve Clinic

Date: November 22, 2023
10am - 3pm
Fees: $90/player (lunch included)

Join us for our annual Thanksgiving Eve Clinic, where players can sharpen their shooting skills and up their game. With two sessions tailored to different shooting and finishing needs, there’s something for everyone. The two sessions will run simultaneously, so choose one that best fits your game goals.

Foundational Session: Dive Deep into Shooting Mechanics and Create a Consistent Shot

Perfect for those looking to improve their shooting mechanics, the Foundational session will teach the drills needed to reinforce good habits. Plus, players will have the chance to showcase new skills in individual and team competitions. 

Sniper Session: Sharpen Your Shot with Advanced Techniques

For those craving a sharper shot, our Sniper session is just what you need.  We’ll guide players through advanced ball-handling drills to increase hand speed, coordination, and handle tightness on the court. Learn to maintain composure under pressure and find different finishing angles to become a versatile scorer. 

No matter which session you choose, you’ll be part of a fun and competitive atmosphere. Our expert trainers are here to guide players through drills and exercises, improving skills in the best way possible. 


Dates: August 12, 2023
Session 1 - 10am - 11:30am
Session 2 - 12pm - 1:30pm
Ages: Boys and Girls Intermediate to Advanced Skill Level
Session 1 - Incoming 5th-8th
Session 2 - High School
Fees: $45/player

Come to our August Net Seekers Shooting Clinic to prepare for the upcoming Winter Season focusing on consistency and accuracy in high-intensity 90-minute training.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Experience the next level of basketball training with the Dr. Dish Training machine. This cutting-edge equipment provides accurate passes, realistic shooting simulations, and personalized training programs tailored to each players needs. Our expert coaches will introduce the incredible capabilities of the Dr. Dish Training machine and help players unlock their full potential.

Unlock Your Potential

Designed specifically for young basketball players, this clinic will introduce you to the cutting-edge technology of the Dr. Dish Training machine.

Discover how this state-of-the-art equipment can revolutionize your game by providing accurate passes, realistic shooting simulations, and targeted training programs tailored to your individual needs. Under the guidance of our expert coaches, you’ll have hands-on experience with the Dr. Dish Training machine, gaining valuable insights into its capabilities and how it can help you improve your shooting accuracy, develop your court vision, and elevate your overall performance.

Through engaging drills, interactive sessions, and personalized instruction, you’ll witness firsthand the transformative impact of incorporating the Dr. Dish Training machine into your training regimen. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to take your basketball skills to new heights and gain a competitive edge on the court. Join us at our one-day clinic and prepare to unleash your full potential with the help of the Dr. Dish Training machine.


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Dr Dish Shooting Machine Basketball Social House

dr. dish time (Drop-in)

Just want to get some shots up and work on your game? Reserve a private suite for an hour to work on your game leveraging the Dr. Dish Facility training machine.

Each suite is furnished with custom NBA panel style courts, Dr. Dish Facility Machine, Data Display on 70″ TV, a secondary TV to display any DirectTV offering, a sectional couch, and tables. $30 minimum per hour (up to 2 people) +$15 for every additional player over 2. If you want to establish a profile and track your data over time, look at Buckets Club Service.

Buckets Club

Join Buckets Club to establish an individual profile that tracks your progress and data trending over time.

Buckets Club can be purchased in 1, 3, or 6-hour time blocks (per-hour discounts at 3 & 6 hours). Sessions can be used in 30-minute intervals and specifically designed to get the most out of each training session. In addition to establishing an individual profile to track progress each participant gains access to our custom-designed workouts that are programmed down to the minute including water breaks. Access to the digital leaderboard to feed that additional level of competition is included.

Buckets Club has hours specifically set aside each week for training and takes priority over Drop-In.

Dr Dish Workout Buckets club

adult workouts

Get an amazing workout through the game you love! Every class starts with a dynamic warm-up, followed by a fitness-based specialization. Each class includes a basketball focus and ends with a fun individual and/or team competition which feeds the leaderboard to allow you to feed that competitive spirit. From full court to the dr. dish machines, to the 3×3 arena… we use it all to keep each class fresh and fun.

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Kurt Eichenberger

Kurt Eichenberger

Executive Chef

Hailing from Santa Ana, CA, Chef Kurt’s passion for gastronomy was nurtured from an early age under the loving guidance of his mother and aunts. During high school, his culinary ambitions solidified, ignited by an inspirational Foods Class and mentorship from his instructor, JoAnn Himmelberger. This catalytic experience set him on a course to become a culinary maestro.

Kurt’s dedication and talent were further validated when he secured a scholarship to the prestigious Art Institute of Colorado after clinching the third spot in a national cooking competition for high school seniors.

Having established his culinary roots in Colorado, Kurt has spent over two decades honing his craft in the dynamic restaurant landscape of the state. His culinary journey has encompassed a diverse array of culinary establishments, from Mediterranean Bristol to pioneering vegetarian and vegan ventures, to iconic steak houses. Kurt’s most recent feats include the successful launch of the black+haus tavern in Parker in 2020 and another outpost in downtown Littleton.

A firm believer in the allure of comfort food, Chef Kurt infuses his extensive expertise into every creation, ensuring that each dish is approachable and speaks volumes for itself. His inventive spirit shines through in his affinity for crafting delightful jams and jellies, his mastery of fermentation techniques, and his knack for harnessing the flavors of vegetables to elevate his culinary masterpieces.

As Eichenberger embarks on this exciting chapter with The Basketball Social House, patrons can anticipate an unparalleled culinary voyage that blends tradition with innovation, elevating the art of dining to new heights.

Chef in kitchen

Matt Smith

Culinary Director

Matt Smith, a seasoned restaurateur with a lifelong dedication to the industry, possesses and manages several thriving dining establishments both within and beyond the borders of Colorado. Leveraging his vast expertise, Matt has ingeniously crafted a gastronomic journey that remains unparalleled within any basketball arena or comparable entertainment setting.

Man spinning basketball

Matt Barnett


Matt Barnett is the co-founder of The Basketball Social House in Centennial, Colorado.

Matt graduated from Douglas County High School in Castle Rock, Colorado, where he earned three letters in basketball and two in baseball. He was a two-time all-state selection in basketball and an all-conference baseball player. He signed his National letter of Intent to attend Colorado State University after receiving multiple offers to many Division I schools.

At Colorado State, Matt was a four-year starter under Coach Stew Morrill and played his way into the record books where he is third all-time in rebounds and fourth all-time is assists. He earned his BA from Colorado State University in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Social Sciences.

After college, Matt played professionally in Auckland, New Zealand for one season where he averaged twenty points and ten rebounds a game. Upon returning to Colorado, Matt served as Recreation Coordinator for the City of Greenwood Village, and he started his own business, Hoops4You LLC, training professional, college, and youth basketball players.

In 2012, Matt started Elevation Flyers, one of the longest-standing and most respected competitive youth basketball clubs in Colorado. Matt was also the Director of Basketball for the Panorama Sports Institute from 2016-2020 under the direction of former NBA strength and conditioning coach Steve Hess and NBA Finals MVP Chauncey Billups.

Read Matt’s profile at ColoradoBiz.

Jimmy Bemis is the co-founder of The Basketball Social House in Centennial, Colorado. Jimmy has over twenty years of experience in accounting, finance, and technology. He has worked for large firms such as Invesco, Oppenheimer, CH2MHill, and Brown Brothers Harriman where he oversaw various critical business aspects including but not limited to complex quantitative analysis, data, digital, SEC/Board reporting, and operational functions.

He has a proven track record of blending innovation and operational efficiency to create business success, most recently heading the financial and operational areas for a private equity firm that invests in and operates restaurant, entertainment, and hospitality businesses. His focus during this time has been to turnaround under-performing business concepts, establish and implement a franchising model, and create various viable and profitable exit strategies.

He holds a BS in Finance and an MBA from the University of Colorado Denver, an MS in Accounting from Regis University, and has completed his Doctorate in Accounting (all but dissertation) at Liberty University. Jimmy also graduated from Chatfield Senior High where he lettered in basketball, cross country, and track.

Read Jimmy’s Profile at ColoradoBiz.

Performance Trainer Dylan Birdsell

Dylan Birdsell

Lead Skills & Performance Trainer

Originally from Willis, Texas, Dylan played 4 years of Texas 5A basketball at Willis where he lettered on varsity and was co-captain during his junior and senior years. Dylan went from being one of the last kids accepted to his junior high basketball teams to being one of only two athletes out of his high school class to be recruited to play at the next level.

Dylan started his coaching career with Point Guard College’s prestigious basketball camp that hosts 100+ camps every summer across the country. Dylan has coached over 40 camps with PGC and has worked with 1000+ basketball athletes from elementary, junior high, high school, college, and overseas professional players (male and female). Dylan also spent his undergraduate years volunteering and coaching with various junior high, high school, and UMHB’s Men’s Basketball programs.

While continuing his education through earning his MS in Exercise Physiology, Dylan gained knowledge and experience in the research field of exercise and sports science. Dylan was awarded the “Master of Science Exercise Physiology Outstanding Student of the Year Award” during his graduation in May 2021.

Dylan’s philosophy of training and life stems from what a person is committed to being. He prides himself in understanding the aspirations of his clients and becoming an asset to their commitment using his knowledge in Biomechanics, Physiology, Nutrition, Biochemistry, Weightlifting, and Pathology.

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